About CIC : Our path..

CIC Construction Group

Constantly ranked by industries surveys as one of the premier construction services firm in the island, CIC Construction Group is an entrepreneurial firm, flat and nonhierarchical that emphasizes teamwork, innovation and the creation of real value.

Back in 1983, Gustavo Hermida and Fred Gallo founded Caribbean Industrial Construction on the belief that integrity engineering, talent, and dedication to customers would make CIC stand out and become the very best in the construction industry in Puerto Rico. The partnership evolved from a small pharmaceutical general contractor Company into one of the most experienced and respected providers of construction services, becoming what it is today, CIC Construction Group. The differences between the company of the early 1980s and the CIC of today are vast. However, there are profound and key elements that remain at our core values and principles, talent, hard work and achievements that account for the reason CIC has the skilled personnel, clientele, and reputation it does today.

Located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico and providing integrated construction services to all types of projects in Puerto Rico, U.S.A and Latin America, our team builds facilities to resolve problems. Taking advantage of today’s technologies and use of creativity and knowledge, our firm constructs singular buildings of the highest quality, but most important, providing our clients trust and peace of mind.

A project for us goes beyond the construction of it. Our team considerate a project successful if we earn full respect of the client; to us, the ultimate reward will always be the appreciation our clients express for the work we deliver.


Our mission... 

     To continue being an endless endeavor that wins the trust of clients by establishing a close and thorough understanding of their needs; the professional management of these needs by engaging the best skills to deliver the highest standards of quality. Always conducting this with the highest standards of safety and with outstanding professionals.

Our vision...

     Create an inspiring, first class construction company that delivers “excellence beyond expectations". A vision we have followed for more than 30 years, employing the best people to constantly deliver a most exemplary service and fulfilling the needs of many highly demanding clients.