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New Cogeneration Project for AbbVie

A cogeneration plant is ideal for large buildings with heavy power demand. Cogeneration is a eco- friendly technology and a highly efficient form of energy conversion that achieves primary savings by combining electricity and heat. In addition to the energy savings, another advantage is its use as backup power supply during an outage.

Many industries enjoy the tremendous benefits of having a cogeneration system in their facilities and acknowledge the positive impact it has in our environment. AbbVie, a global leader in the Biopharmaceutical sector and in Puerto Rico, where it is growing fast, decided to adopt it which will allow them to produce a portion of the energy they use on-site. 

CIC is in charge of the preparation of the area where the cogeneration plant will be located. The scope of work includes Foundations, Steel, MEP and finishes of the existing area.

Design: GERB Engineering (Germany)
Installation: Mammut Group