Safety : Philosophy

A total commitment to excellence in safety 

CIC is committed to developing and fostering a culture that is designed to achieve the highest environmental health and safety standards. 

Our employees are considered our most valuable asset, therefore safety is not just a program; it is our culture. We develop and maintain safety and environmental methodology and utilize new procedures to meet the needs of the industry and our workforce. 

Protecting workers, customers, partners, and the general public is of utmost importance to CIC. Therefore we hold safety and the protection of our environment as one of our core VALUES. Historically our OSHA incidents rate has been well below the national average in the construction industry, and in 2012 we achieved a major milestone of having Zero OSHA recordable accidents. When we say Zero Injuries, we mean it! 

This is part of our mission for business success. 

A standard reflected by the praise and support that has come from CIC clients, many of whom are major global brands with rigorous and demanding standards. CIC’s collaborative approach helps ensure that those standards are met.